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As the internet¬†and social media continue to advance, we are¬†introduced to new website features all of the time. For example, when Facebook was first developed, it did not have a Newsfeed page, users could not “like” comments, Facebook Live was not yet¬†created, and the list goes on. In order for users to stay entertained¬†and active on social media networks, the platforms¬†must update their site every few months. If websites never changed, users would probably get bored of viewing the same format and eventually stop using that specific site.

Now, with that said, the same idea goes for blogs. Blogs were originally¬†just a format¬†for people to write on an empty page. However, just as social media platforms continue to update, so do blogs. Blog websites¬†allow writers to incorporate interactive audios and visuals into their¬†posts. They also allow writers to list¬†direct links to their social media accounts into their blog post. Depending on the blog’s website format, they also include other interesting features as well.

I, for one, agree that¬†this is extremely cool. When readers click on the embedded tweet, it will take¬†them directly to the user’s account on Twitter. Now look¬†this photo below,¬†doesn’t it make my blog post¬†look more animated? It might even encourage someone¬†to create¬†their blog¬†right now. Adding visuals is a very simple feature that will take your post a long way. It is a very underrated component of blogging.

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Another awesome way to make a blog post more creative is by allowing readers to interact as they read. For example, bloggers can create a poll and readers can fill it out, as shown below:

Incorporating polls has many positive outcomes. Not only can you as a blogger ask questions and receive¬†non-baised opinions from your followers, but it also keeps them¬†focused and entertained as they read your post. With that said, it is important to know that as a blogger, it is your responsibility to be interacting with people who read your blog. So, if you’re someone who likes to blog and wants to spice up your work, add some photos, videos, links, or¬†anything that will draw more followers to your page!

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move in day!

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