Why You Should Study Abroad In Barcelona

It has been almost two months since I arrived in Barcelona for my semester abroad and I have fallen completely in love with this city. There are so many activities and cultural experiences to endure. Locals are very passionate about their city and I completely understand why. Here are a few reasons why I believe you should study abroad here:

1.The Food – tapas, sangria, paella, oh my! Barcelona is well-known for many different delicious cuisines. One of the reasons I was nervous to study abroad is because I am a very picky eater and I was afraid I would not like the food. However, the food in Barcelona is INCREDIBLE! Some of the popular foods in Barcelona are tapas, sangria, and paella. To find great places to eat, check out the social media platforms that promote the best of the best.

Not only does Barcelona have its specialties, but it also has other food that it is not necessarily known for, but probably should be. For instance, there is delicious Italian, sushi, Greek, Indian, etc. Many places are popular tourist spots, but they are not your average touristy restaurants. They are actually delicious, full of locals, inexpensive, and worth trying! For example, Brunch & Cake is a healthy restaurant that presents its food well and makes a great Instagram photo.


Barcelona also has La Boqueria, which is an open market that sells a variety of fresh items like fish, fruit, cheese, vegetables, candy, and much more.

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2. Culture. If you enjoy an afternoon nap, Barcelona might just be the place for you. Spain is known for their siestas, a resting period in the middle of the day after lunch. The entire city of Barcelona takes a break in the middle of the day – shops close down, people take naps, and the city gets a rest before the night begins. I usually do not nap in America because I have too much to do and not enough time. In Barcelona, people are encouraged to take a few hours to rest after a big lunch. I have taken advantage of this and I nap almost everyday. Napping gives me the energy to be more productive with the rest of my day.

3. Site Seeing. There are so many beautiful places to see in Barcelona. Many of them are tourist spots, but some are only known to the locals. I enjoy visiting these places because they are unlike anywhere I have been before. Some places include (but are not limited to):

Park Güell


Sagrada Familia


Arc de Triomf








Barcelona Cathedral


Casa Míla






4. Nightlife – Talk about partying all night long. The night only gets started at 2 am. Barcelona is home of some of the most popular clubs that are located on the Barcelona Beach. Opium is known for “Loco Lunes”, also known as Crazy Monday. Other well-known clubs are Shoko, Catwalk, CDLC, Razzmatazz, and Bling Bling. The clubs are filled with Americans and locals every single night. It is amazing how many people love to party in this city.

These are only 4 of the MANY different reasons why you should study abroad in Barcelona. I can honestly say Barcelona has my heart and I have no doubt about it having anyone else’s heart too.